What We Do Burbank Islamic Center

What We Do

  • We are open for 5 daily prayers. Check out our current prayer times on the left.
  • Our Jumaa service starts at 1:10 pm on Friday
  • Tajweed class between Maghreb and Ishaa on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • We have Tajweed class with breakfast after Fajr prayer on Sunday
  • Friday game night 2.0 with Baba Ali from 7pm-11:30pm on Fridays
  • Sunday school from 10am-1pm every Sunday – For ages 5-13
  • thinkBYG – Youth Group from 10am-1pm every Sunday – For ages 13+
  • We offer community services that include matrimonial and aqeeqah services
  • We also offer new Muslim services such as Shahada and New Muslim training